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What you get


If you decide to purchase our music license, you will instantly receive the track as an MP3 file. The length of the track is 30 minutes. You will also receive mail that you can keep as a proof for your purchase.

License music


1 license purchase = 1 video. A new license purchase is needed for each additional video you wish to make. You can license the track for multiple videos at the same time by adjusting the quantity in the cart. If you want to publish a YouTube video, please note that we manually review each video to make sure it follows our guidelines.


We don't allow the music to be used in any video that is punishable, pornographic, graphically violent or derogatory towards any nationality, race, political belief or sexual orientation.

Required credits


You are required to provide attribution/credits to Enspirian in your video. This can either be done in the video itself or in the description of the video. You can write the credits the way you want in order to fit the style of your project, but below we've included a few suggestions.

Recommended credits for online use:


Music by Enspirian, licensed from

Important information for YouTube creators

Our music is protected by the Content ID system on YouTube, meaning you will most likely receive a claim if you use our music in a video (even if you have purchased a license). This is completely normal and can easily be fixed, provided you have respected the terms of this agreement.

If you've received a claim from us and purchased a license, please mail your video link to

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